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Self correction, mass disection, Self-infraction.
Anonymous asked:
Do you allow Psychopaths and/or Schizophrenics in to Blacklist?

Schizophrenics, yes. We do allow psychopaths but I would rather you messaged us first to talk a little about the bio because it’s easy to just write a serial killer and label them as a psychopath although they aren’t really mutually exclusive.

The following roles are have now been reopened.

Winnie Mason

Winnie Mason, 22 year-old girl who can’t make her own decisions without having a horrible breakdown….

I’m so excited for this character, I can’t believe you even felt the need to ask if I liked the idea because I really do!

OC Character’s name: Winnie Mason

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The following roles are now re-opened or, in the case of OCs, will be deleted. As always, you are more than welcome to re-join, just as long as you are confident that you can stay active, or can explain why you may need a little time off.

I know that some of these should be unfollow links but I lost track again so it is entirely my fault. Also some of you have been making OOC posts, or reblogging pictured. That doesn’t count ask activity, I’m afraid.
You have 48 hours to improve your activity. Strike-through means that your role is safe.

The following roles are now reopened.

Fae Raki

Anonymous asked:
is there a jared padalecki fc already or not? Im having a hard time finding any evidence that there is.

I’m afraid so. We recently got an OC.

Daniel Quinn

Dr. Daniel Quinn, your friendly neighborhood progress assessor.

aim: drdanielquinn