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Here at Blacklist Asylum, our target is to return you onto the path of sanity. With our welcoming and warm doctors and friendly methods, we treat anyone from arachnophobes to schizophrenics. The cost of all this? Free of course. All we ask in return in just a little compliance, obedience and no questions asked. On behalf of all the staff, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. Status:Offline()

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Nobody knows all that much about Justin’s past, beside that it was a rough one. He grew up with only his father; an alcoholic, lazy, unemployed man, paying for their cheap house with the money given to him after the death of his wife. She was a kind woman who did a good job of hiding the money that she had. She came from a rich family and married Justin’s father without being aware that he did not love her, but her fortune.

She died of cancer when Justin was fourteen, leaving him with his manipulative dad. The man was never physically abusive to the boy, but always made it clear that Justin was never wanted or planned. The teenager relied strongly on his friends, with no decent family around and before long, he found himself mixed with the wrong people and his dependents was no longer on his friend, but on drugs and alcohol.

By the time that he was sixteen, he’d probably tried every drug he could get a hold of, drank every brand of alcohol and woken up, dazed and confused at every place in town. He he became dependent, not on any particular drug, but just anything that made him intoxicated, and as soon as his father got the chance, he was on the phone to the staff at Blacklist, telling them all about his ‘terribly unfortunate and troubled’ boy’s problem and Justin was dragged away the next morning to recover.

In the asylum, Justin didn’t let the staff win. There was one doctor (Dr. Hatchman) that was particularly, well… shitty at his job. Justin somehow managed to persuade the man to bring him fresh drugs weekly, trusting him with his own money. Justin would sell it to other patients and use the money to pay for the next batch, keeping what was left of the drug for himself. Needless to say, he isn’t leaving any time soon, but the other staff and patients just couldn’t work out where the drugs were coming from.

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