Enjoy your stay.


Here at Blacklist Asylum, our target is to return you onto the path of sanity. With our welcoming and warm doctors and friendly methods, we treat anyone from arachnophobes to schizophrenics. The cost of all this? Free of course. All we ask in return in just a little compliance, obedience and no questions asked. On behalf of all the staff, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. Status:Offline()

FC: Danny Worsnop || Sexuality: UTP || OPEN


Michael’s Social Phobia never really had a reason or source, it was just something that had evolved. If you were to ask anybody that knew Michael Flint to explain him to you, the words witty and confident would certainly be in there somewhere. Accept their opinion was invalid, because they didn’t know Michael, not really. They didn’t know how much he panicked when around strangers, or panicked when he was alone with simply the thought of being around strangers. They had no idea that he cracked jokes and made ‘friends’ at parties because friends meant drinks and drinks meant not being himself.

After a while however, this technique just didn’t work for him; Michael was too uncomfortable to even think about attending any more parties, having this explainable fear that something would go wrong, people would realise that he wasn’t really as great as they thought he was. They’d noticed that his ‘confident’ show was just an allusion to make him seem more desirable with both his looks and personality. He knew that people had spoken behind his back about his unnecessary vanity, the fact that every time he passed a mirror or reflective surface, Michael would stop and look. However, once again they were wrong; we wasn’t picking out his good features, he was picking out his flaws, planning the next steps of faux perfection.

His fears only got worse and worse, and when Michael found himself tucked into a corner in an alleyway with his hand covering his mouth to silence himself after a run-in with an old school friend who decided to point out how much he’d changed, how confident he seemed, authority sent him to Blacklist without really thinking in depth about it. A place full of mad people will never help, and Michael knows this, but the staff at the asylum seem sure it will work.

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