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Here at Blacklist Asylum, our target is to return you onto the path of sanity. With our welcoming and warm doctors and friendly methods, we treat anyone from arachnophobes to schizophrenics. The cost of all this? Free of course. All we ask in return in just a little compliance, obedience and no questions asked. On behalf of all the staff, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. Status:Offline()

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Nina grew up in a high class society, expected to have much responsibility and little in return. She didn’t fit in well with her friends and often hated being told that she had a posh accent or she did something high class like her little finger sticking away from the cup when drinking. Her free spirit wanted more than to live among side her ‘snobby’ fake society. Her parents were both very important architects and spent much time abroad, leaving their daughter to do most of the house-work, cooking - practically everything a young girl  shouldn’t. She often went from the most depressing of moods to being the happiest girl you could ever meet, the moods changing quicker than anyone could notice.

One day when her parents were away as usual, she was invited to a party. When drugs began to get involved, Nina realized taking them was the only time she felt truly free and began to take more and more until she was completely dependent on it. Days passed by, and with nobody to ell her when was enough, Nina continued to do a larger and larger amount of Cannabis at any one time. When her parents returned a few days later to come home to a the drugged up woman that she had transformed into, they immediately sent her away to get better, knowing her addiction was too strong to try and sort out by themselves. Nina always says that she hates it in the asylum, but truthfully, she’d rather be there than go home - at least here she can get hold of Cannabis, whereas at home her parents would probably never let her out of their sights again.

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