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Here at Blacklist Asylum, our target is to return you onto the path of sanity. With our welcoming and warm doctors and friendly methods, we treat anyone from arachnophobes to schizophrenics. The cost of all this? Free of course. All we ask in return in just a little compliance, obedience and no questions asked. On behalf of all the staff, we hope you'll enjoy your stay. Status:Offline ()

FC: Bradley Soileau || Sexuality: UTP || OPEN


Blake is your regular ‘tough alley cat’ type. His genuinely lack of empathy or sympathy for anyone can often lead him into trouble with many and he’s very difficult to get along with. He was born and raised in L.A even though his parents were from New Jersey. His parents were poor and were basically living off the dole, leaving their son to fend for himself in the streets often while they scraped up all the money they could to pay for the rent. He became entwined with drugs and the authorities as he grew up and saw the worst parts of L.A, the parts that weren’t made picture perfect.

Being alone almost 95% of the time, the only person he had to confine in was the voice that toyed with him in the back of his mind, telling him to horrible things to the most innocent of people. Sometimes the voice got through to him, sometimes it did not. All Blake knew was that when he listened - people got hurt. He soon started to rebel against his own mind, which only made the voices louder and more violent. After the voices finally made him nearly kill his at the time girlfriend, authorities found her beaten and barely breathing body and instead of taking the young man to prison, he pleaded insanity and was sent to blacklist.